Placement test

Placement test

To access the Spanish language courses at the Language Service of the University of La Laguna you must first take a completely free-of-charge level* test.

1. First, you must take a multiple choice grammar and vocabulary test, which is divided into different sections.

  • You have 30 minutes to complete the test.
  • We recommend you stop the test when you feel the questions are becoming too difficult and that you are just trying to guess the answers.
  • To end the test, press “Enviar” (Send).


2. Once the test is completed, you’ll have to make an appointment to do the oral part of the exam in person. To do that you’ll need to register on our online platform and pick an appointment. We have made a guide available that will help you throughout the process.

If, however, you would prefer to do the oral exam via Skype, you should get in contact with our Spanish teacher Beatriz Hernández ( to organize an appointment with her.


3. Once all that has been done, you will be informed of your level and you’ll receive an email letting you know course fees and payment methods.


*We always recommend taking the placement test even if you think you have a limited knowledge of the language, as people tend to underestimate what they know. The text is very quick and easy to do and simply tries to establish what point you are at in your learning before starting your classes.


You also have all this information, guidelines for the placement test and even more available in “español”, “français” and “Deutsch”.


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